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Machine wash in warm water (40 degrees) on a gentle cycle. It is recommended to use a colour catcher for linens which use contrasting colours. A mild detergent such as Ecover’ or a NoN-Biological detergent that does not contain any Optical Brightening Agents.

Do not use chlorine, bleach, stain removers or detergents with lighteners and do not apply detergents directly to the fabrics.

Use “oxi-stain/vanish” or “soda crystals” to remove staining/soiling and to brighten linens. It is not recommended to use fabric softeners as they can coat the fibres. A cup of white vinegar in the rinse water can remove soap residue and leave the linens soft and smelling fresh.


Spin on a low setting. For the best result, air dry. However, if you have to use a tumble dryer use a very low-temperature setting. Do not dry completely to ease ironing. Only store linens that have dried thoroughly. Do not press in creases as this can break the fibres.

  • Iron embroidery and mongrams¬†from the reverse.
  • Roller pressing is not advised. However, if you have to, make sure that any buttons, press studs or poppers do not go through the hot rollers.
  • Store linens in breathable bags or well ventilated cupboards. Do not wrap in plastic. Acid free tissue can help to preserve delicate linens.
  • Table Linens in pure Egyptian cotton satin – follow the above instructions for bed sheets.
  • Spilled Wint – Apply a dry towel under the stain. Splash selter water on the stain. Spot/dab, do not rub the stain.
  • Food stains – Dab the stains with diluted mild detergent. Soak the item in diluted mild detergent for several hours. If the problem persists, soak for another 24 hours in enzyme reactive stain removers. Coloured table linens wash as per the bed linen instructions but do not soak overnight. Do NOT use detergents with brightening agents or products containing bleach. Ironing by hand and when the item is damp, prevents yellowing and helps keep the shape.
  • Candle wax – Wait until the wax hardens then scrape off. Place a brown paper bag over the wax and iron on top of this. Do not keep the iron in one place for too long. Dab the stain with diluted detergent and follow the soaking instructions above.
  • Table Linens in Pure Linen – Linjen water is better with water than by dry cleaning as it feels softer and brighter. Wash at 40 degrees on a low spin to reduce creasing. Do not overload the machine, wash colours separately and try not to tumble dry. Dry out of direct sunlight and iron damp from the wrong side first. Spray with water if the linen is too dry to iron.

For further information please contact Home & Yacht Linen and Interiors and download this guide.

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